Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Malayalam content – reach to the core of malayalees worldwide

Malayalam content – reach to the core of malayalees worldwide

It may be applicable to most of the vernacular news media to extent their reader base to boundless reach. If we take Malayalam the literacy rate of people in Kerala is very high and the people are very much conscious about social and political scenario.

Malayalees,The People from Kerala are there  in almost all parts of the world . Their contribution towards the state’s economy are unavoidable. And internet is the only medium  which not only connects them together but also connects them to their home land with its rapid speed ,cost effectiveness and multimedia possibilities .

Vernacular web publishing happened as part of the growth of technology and with the rise of Malayalam websites it became easier to identify the Malayalam reading people worldwide.

The  way of distribution of content is limitless and the accessibility became changed from computer to mobile phones and to the smart TVs, so do the advertising possibilities .The  possibilities of advertising methods are also changed  from text advertising to 3D creatives and this can be used to impress the readers.

Precise targeting customers with the location, language, screen size of gadgets and lot more filtering options are there.

When globalization was on its beginning there was a fear of losing vernacular languages and the traditional values. But things happened in another way. People are keener to follow their traditional values and culture rather than before.  Because of which the prominence of vernacular languages became more promising.